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 2020 schedule at Lakeshore Presbyterian Church.  It will run from March 2020 to December 2020.

8 March - 6 PM - We will be featuring the great Female Trio "Mercy".  This group come to us from Sombra, Ontario, Canada.  We were at a concert in Ontario a few years ago and they were very good.  Unfortunately we discontinued the concert series in Lexington prior to having them with us.

    Two ladies from "Mercy" came down with health issues and they lined up "The Holy Ground Quartet" from Chatham, Ontario and they were very good.  We thank the ladies of Mercy for helping us get a group is such short notice.

April 5 - 6 PM - "The Joyful Sounds Quartet" will be in concert at the Lakeshore Presbyterian.  This group was Port Huron Based until a few years ago when the manager moved to Columbiaville.  We still consider them 'local.'  Always a treat to hear this group perform.                                                Due to the COVID-19 Virus proclomation by our Governor, THIS CONCERT HAS BEEN CANCELLED.


3 May - 6 PM - "Stronghold Quartet' from Owosso, MI., will be in concert at Lakeshore Presbyterian.  This group was a huge hit when then appeared last November and we are pleased to have them coming back.

June 14 - 6 PM - "The Chapelaires" will be in concert at Lakeshore Presbyterian Church.  We can Always plan on a great concert with this mixed quartet in 'attendance.  They come to us from Mt. Brydges, Ontario, Canada.

July 12 - 6 PM - "Justified Quartet" from Akron, MI. will be in concert at the Lakeshore Presbyterian Church.  This group has our concert record on attendance which they set in September, 2019.  We are so pleased to have them on our schedule again this year.

9 August - 6 PM - "The Sound" will be in concert at our series this August.  This group consists of Rob Mills and his two sons.  They appeared at our series in Lexington several times as "The Rob Mills Family" and were very well received.  They are now a National Group and recently charted in the Top 30 one of their recorded songs.  We are very pleased to have our first "National Group" at this concert series.

13 September - "The New Destiny Quartet" will be our featured group for September.  We started our concert series with this group, thou only the bass singer remains from that group.  Ironically, the group that we had a 'trial concert' was the Sammons Family.  Jack Sammons is now with this group.

11 October - 6 PM - "Souls Harbor" will be in concert with us.  This is the first time we've had the pleasure of booking them them since a few years ago at Lexington UMC.  This is an excellent family "mixed trio" consisting of David Brown, his wife and one of their father's.  We love their harmony and you will too.

8 November - "The Wilson Sisters" from Auburn Hills, MI will be our featured group in November.  They have long been a favorite of concert goers in our area.

13 December - "Rejoice" = This group is from the Ross Bible Church in Port Huron Twp. and we have invited them for this date.  They are currently having some health problems so they would not make a commitment at this time.  We are holding this date open for them and will do so until sometime in the summer.